Gold – award360° & Finalist – IPBP2023 Nanjing International Peace Poster Biennale

We feel honored to share that our exhibition design »Im Ofenturm« for and with Boltshauser Architekten received Gold at the award360° in the category »Spatial Design« and that our poster ['hope : peace] got selected as Finalist at the IPBP2023 Nanjing International Peace Poster Biennale.

aag-contribution for two pages – Thanks to Konstantinos Trichas

Each sketchbook starts with a theme; a simple question, a single word, an image or an object. Then, designers, illustrators, artists, and other creatives all over the world are asked to respond visually to the theme within the space of two pages. You can see a list of all the sketchbooks at

June 2023 issue Die Vorarlbergerin – Living – Architecture – Design

Post: Design touches! S.86 – 89 read under:

Between Design, Art and Architecture

panel discussion between Roger Boltshauser and Andrea Gassner
14.06.2023, 7:00 p.m. at the Never Stop Reading bookstore in Zurich

100 beste Plakate

100 beste Plakate Deutschland Österreich Schweiz in the Kulturforum (Foyer), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Exhibition: until 9.7.2023

Finalist European Design Awards 2023

Finalist at the European Design Awards 2023, category: Exhibition Design

IIIDaward2023 in Vienna


East meats West

Andrea Gassner is invited to teach for the Design Summer 2023 in Hangzhou. A thousand thanks to Jumping He.


Raster Atelier Andrea Gassner mit Logo IIIDaward2023

Silver for the IIIDaward2023 for the signage of the agricultural schools in Hohenems.

More about our work here:

Nominee 2023 European Design Awards

Nominated with the exhibition design and scenography for the architect Roger Boltshauser in Paris and Stuttgart.

The award ceremony will take place on 02 June in Luxembourg.

More about our work here:


Intervention for the Documentation Centre Hamburg

Documentation Centre Hamburg – typographic mural The wall of solid, greenish-grey steel plates behind the central reception counter bears an initially enigmatic pattern of punched-out capital letters. They are alphabets in a continuous, regularly arranged row. The letters can be individually backlit. An algorithm makes new letters appear alternately and time-delayed. Over the course of 24 hours, the names of all the Jews, Roma and Sinti deported from this station become visible. The ornamentation of the letters thus comes to life, inviting us to look, to decipher and to play with our perception. The emphasis on the individual and the persistent rhythm of appearance and disappearance symbolically rebels against forgetting and reminds us of what happened at this place.


Finissage – Roger Boltshauser Response – Fakultät für Architektur und Stadtplanung, Stuttgart

Ausstellungsfoto Roger Boltshauser - RESPONSE

Finissage of the exhibition "Roger Boltshauser - Respsone" in Stuttgart

Roger Boltshauser in conversation with Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir and Markus Allmann

19 April 2023
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

Berufsverband ernennt Reinhard Gassner zum Ehrenmitglied

Foto Ehrenurkunde Reinhard Gassner

The general assembly of the professional association appointed Reinhard Gassner, together with Walter Bohatsch and others, an honorary member in Vienna last Friday. Besides the graphic design pioneers Othmar Motter (1927-2010) and Josef Hofer (1927-2016), Reinhard Gassner is now the third Vbg. designer to receive this honour.

Finissage – Roger Boltshauser Response – Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris

Finissage of the exhibition “Roger Boltshauser – Respsone”.

Roger Boltshauser in conversation with Alexandre Theriot, Jonathan Sergison and Jan de Vylder.

12 January 18h30
Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris

Joseph Binder Award 22 … Silber Medaille und Auszeichnung gewonnen!

With over 900 entries internationally, it is something special to be among the 66 award winners.
An evening full of joy with team, customers and dear friends!
Thanks to all who support us, thanks especially to the customers and the beautiful orders! The atmosphere was again so nice, that makes the Joseph Binder Award special. Thanks to: Design Austria

Kunstkatalog – Meine Zeitreise mit Gottfried Honegger
Ausstellungskatalog – Karl-Heinz Ströhle

Preisverleihung – Internationale Bodensee Konferenz IBK – Förderpreis 2022

I was pleased to write and read the laudation for Fabian Harb as a member of the jury. Congratulations to Farbian Harb from Dinamo Typefaces. Great achievement!

Design in the aftermath
Fabian Harb often starts from neutral, sans-serif typefaces. With surprising interventions in the usual repertoire of forms, he creates new complex typeface families, for example compositions in the style of “Bauhaus meets Cowboy”. He is interested in the interplay between image and information, between programme and variability, between form and material. This results in complex notations for playful, but by no means formalistic approaches. For all the joy of experimentation, it is not a formal end in itself, but the unerring application that is ultimately the focus of this design. In cooperation with artists and designers, design solutions and objects are created for an illustrious, international group of clients, which, despite their visual range, reveal a fantastic and consistent language of design.

We are now part of MA-g The Museum of Avant-garde contemporary collection.

We are honored that our artworks will be kept in the Museum’s archives and displayed in future exhibitions. Thanks to MA-g The Museum of Avant-garde
(selected artworks: Apotheke Tosters, Gottfried Honegger, Roger Boltshauser, Karl-Heinz Ströhle – Kunst am Bau, WOLF Huber and Ukraine – hope)

Joseph Binder Award 22 – Nominee

Wir sind beim internationalen Joseph Binder Award 2022 in der Kategorie Editorial Design mit dem Kunstkatalog Gottfried Honegger und dem Ausstellungskatalog Karl-Heinz Ströhle nominiert. Aus 908 Einreichungen wurden 66 Arbeiten nominiert. Wir freuen uns riesig mit 2 Arbeiten vertreten zu sein!