Cervantes & Co Books and Wine

Since 2006 Cervantes & Co has been attracting literature enthusiasts and wine-lovers to a small but delightful premises in the inner city of Feldkirch. The great Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes provided the name for this book and wine shop. Regina Zink selects the publications in the book department. The focus is on literature, philosophy, history, art and cuisine. Her brother, physicist Norbert Nägele who lives in Spain, selects the wines.

The letter C and the et symbol (&), which is derived from the Latin, are blended in the newly designed emblem to form a circular ornament. In connection with the name a new word and image mark is created. The signet can be used in a variety of playful ways, as a sign that extends to the edge of a facade flag or to decorate a postcard.

The website visually reflects the optics of the book shelving designed by architect Daniel M. Büchel and employs three font types, allocated to the themes book, wine, and olive oil. In the simple, responsive web design visitors find clearly organised information and the special offers of the month.