Roger Boltshauser – architecture book and art book

Design exhibition and vernissage in Berlin: Roger Boltshauser
Foto: Jan Bitter


Although Roger Boltshauser is known for his work as architect, for a long time it seemed uncertain whether his path would take him to architecture or to art. Impressed by Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Arnulf Rainer, but also by Swiss representatives of neo-expressionism, parallel to his study of architecture he also embarked on creating an oeuvre of art and exhibited his work. He has remained loyal to both disciplines, with the result that his artworks cannot be explained without his architecture and, vice versa, his architecture cannot be fully understood without a knowledge of his artwork.

This architect’s work is as diverse as it is independent. From the sketch design phase onward, climate-conscious building is a central theme that is expressed in his projects in a contemporary way. The present monograph brings together the buildings and the artworks in a single publication for the first time. The design concept is based on the architect’s work process and places sketches and plans before the photographs of the process and the architecture. The low opacity paper and the softness with which the pages open in the core gives the publication and its dense content the requisite  lightness and makes the visual order perceptible .