materialegno – Italian language architecture magazine

The title materialegno is derived from the words material and legno (wood). It thus conveys the content in a clear and concentrated manner. materialegno is an Italian language magazine that appears at irregular intervals, produced by promo_legno, Milan – an Italian platform for timber marketing. The magazine is directed at designers and those interested in building. materialegno shows new methods of production, construction, design and implementation of the material timber. To embed the messages from the start in a good reader environment this extra-large medium appears as a supplement to the Italian architecture magazine Domus“.

The aim of the design is to convey the language of modern architecture through visual communication. The concept of the magazine alone makes it clear that here information is not to be disturbed by foreign images or advertisements. It is not the name of the main sponsor that is placed on the back cover but art connected to the material wood. Every cover is in a different decorative colour. Thus the key visuals are viewed through coloured sun-glasses, as it were. Inside the magazine the typographical interventions are combined with generous amounts of pictures. The layout is cleanly organized but also variable and fresh.