Wood spectrum – facsimiles of European kinds of wood

Working in collaboration with recognised experts, proHolz Austria produces a practice-related handbook for two dozen native kinds of wood, which, in a concentrated way, compiles technical values, botanical characteristics and references from cultural history. In visual terms the main part is made up of magnificent colour prints of the selected kinds of wood. These were directly scanned and printed at the very highest quality.

The book “Holzspektrum” was awarded a diploma of honour in the international competition “The Finest Books from throughout the World 2007”. On 16 and 17 February 2007 in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig seven jury members from China, Germany, France, Austria and Hungary examined 545 books from 33 countries. These books had either already received an award in their respective national competitions or had been selected by committees of experts in their country of origin. 14 different awards were decided upon.