Elegant, massive, atmospheric – exhibitions in the Ofenturm

Through its proportions and materialization, the architecture of Roger Boltshauser’s Ofenturm (Kiln Tower) is itself an exhibit. In the interior the special atmosphere of the slender, deep space that flows upwards is additionally intensified so that it seems like a narrow ravine. The tall, massive walls are made of rammed earth, the entrance door and the spiral staircase opposite it are of raw steel. The aim is to integrate the dramaturgy of the exhibition elements in the powerful building, while not competing with the ensemble. For temporary exhibitions in this space the design concept envisages thin panels, each consisting of three images, one above the other. The lowest panel leans against the wall, the middle one is fixed vertically, parallel to the wall surface, while the top one is tilted forward. This allows a good view of each of the panels, even from just a short distance away. The texts are placed opposite on smaller, but similarly shaped folded panels. Here, too, the different angles facilitate legibility and respond to the three almost six metre-tall display panels. Carefully, but with their own kind of naturalness and functionality, these design elements engage the space, becoming part of a comprehensive scenography.