SWG Production – New Production Hall 2020

The new SWG production hall in Waldenburg is a pioneering industrial building in which timber is used for the load-bearing structure. With its brass-coloured perforated metal skin the new building seems like an UFO that has landed in a grey industrial European landscape. In fact, it is in the interior that the corporate architecture is fully revealed. The brand new wood-based material »BauBuche« was innovatively used for the rods and the joints  of the powerful and yet finely articulated structure in veneer layer look combined with solid cross-laminated spruce panels with a quality finish. The whole (including the composite wood and timber ceiling slabs) is held together by the product that is manufactured in this building: the well-known Assy screws. In terms of geometry the screw is a curve that extends as it turns around an axis. When screwed into a building element it locks with the material, ensuring a strong and durable connection.

The brochure was published by SWG itself to mark the formal opening of the new SWG production centre in Waldenburg. The inserted tracing paper pages are particularly striking: at the beginning and end of the brochure in the form of panorama pages with depictions of materials they give an X-ray view of a joint along with the inner life of all the screws. Both visually and haptically these pages refer to planning and conceptual work and to innovative decisions and developments.