Roger Boltshauser – Exhibition in the Galerie d’Architecture Paris

Roger Boltshauser’s artistic work cannot be explained without referencing his architectural work, equally it is hardly possible to fully understand  his architecture without considering his artistic work. Our task was to illustrate this and, at the same time, to depict his method of responding to design questions and the consistently practiced interference of architecture and art. On this account for the linen cover of the monograph “Roger Boltshauser”, which has over 500 pages, rather than a colourful image of architecture we used part of a sketch by the architect. In the same way as we dealt with the “entry” to the volume of the book, our design for the exhibition  also places the sketch at the beginning and transform the  gallery entrance into a walk-in drawing that occupies space. The scenography in the rooms of the gallery also contextualises architecture and art. Architecture models stand like sculptures on powerful black pedestals. Both the artistic work and the architectural production are presented in very physical wooden frames – sketches, plans, black and white photographs. The concept is intensified by the deliberate repetition of the same  passepartout formats, which work together to create a new kind of visual expression on the wall. In a delicate wall-high metal frame selected samples of materials link what is depicted with the subject matter.