AUT – not “Forum”, not “Institute” – just aut

The former “Architekturforum Tirol” opened its new rooms in the converted brew house of the old Adambräu brewery in Innsbruck in 2005. In connection with this there was a need for a contemporary public profile. During a workshop a name was developed together with Walter Bohatsch. The new name for this association was “aut”. The intention was that “aut” should hover freely, almost experimentally in space, without any of the ties suggested by terms such as institute, gallery or forum- on the contrary it was intended to be provocative and agitative. Not an abbreviation with three letters. During the initial phase the name was to be supported by a claim. The really interesting thing happens on the inside, between the familiar term “out”, which, of course, does not begin with an “a” but an “o”, and the simple explanation of the sequence of letters by means of three words. Name + subline “architektur und tirol”