Kortyka Building

Thomas Kortyka is an architect. He plans and initiates buildings – mostly residential buildings  in the Munich area with the character of a residential development and high aspirations in terms of architecture and building ecology. The corporate communication designed by Atelier Andrea Gassner speaks a modern “architectural” languages, with informative texts and easily legible data presented  through renderings, plan graphics and editorial photography. The analogue and digital applications ultimately serve the sale of buildings to interested persons with an awareness of quality.   In choosing advertising methods, too,new paths are being taken. Instead of the standard glossy brochures PSK series are issued about the respective projects. Or a walk-in showroom on site in a residential district offers efficient tangible information. Modern digital communication supports the analogue contacts.

The website documents completed buildings and serves as an important early contact for new projects. All the plans are adapted to be easily legible for laypersons. A striving for quality and good form is evident in the website too. New design materials from the digital, dialogue oriented media such as interaction and scalability as well as contents extending over several pages are made available in a user-oriented and responsive form. Ultimately, the aim is a clear information architecture and a narrative approach to presenting the ideas and elements of the firm’s communication strategy.