Turn of the year

For the turn of the year 1980 Atelier Gassner started an edition on the theme of the development of lettering and alphabets. Traces of lettering, in many cases researched at the original locations, were edited as annual gifts, produced in limited editions and in different forms of presentation. From 2010 Gassner Redolfi KG has continued this edition in an expanded sense using typefaces and their visual significance.

1980/81 Mesopotamia – cuneiform script of the Sumerians, clay tablet
1981/82 Egypt – hieroglyphics, screen print, water-coloured
1982/83 Syria – alphabet of the Phoenicians, gold foil embossing
1983/84 South America – Maya alphabet, jaguar head as plaster relief
1984/85 Tibet – original calligraphy by Geshe Thubten
1985/86 China – original calligraphy
1986/87 Germany – Gutenberg’s characters, wooden numbers, book printing
1987/88 Armenia – year as ceramic piece
1988/89 Persia – Pehlevi lettering, seasonal greeting and drawings by Iranian children
1989/90 Central America – Zouche Nuttal Codex – Mixtec pictography
1990/91 Armenian alphabet – by Franz Gassner, embossing
1991/92 Japan – original calligraphy by Mitsue Kono, scroll
1992/93 Greece – alphabet ODOS, enamel tablet and leporello (folded booklet)
1993/94 Africa – lettering of the Tuareg, wet-impressed in handmade paper
1994/95 North Germania – Viking runes, beech rod and leporello (folded booklet)
1995/96 Slovakia – Cyrillic alphabet, post-cards in booklet
1996/97 Sinai – Arabicsalphabet, Nivea, “The Blue Tin from the Red Sea...”
1997/98 America – Morse- alphabet, Morse strips
1998/99 China – Pa-kwa writing, I-Ging, folded poster on India paper
1999/00 Occident – ©, Jesus without centre parting, poster
2000/01 England – SMS “WOT R U TRYNG 2 SAY?” TypoGraphic 56, book-/offset printing
2001/02 Arabia –zero, al-sifr, the greatest nothing, embossing
2002/03 Arabia Mohammed Jesus – poster made at the start of the Iraq War
2003/04 Turkey – Turkish alphabet, poster with a poem by Kundeyt Şurdum
2004/05 Armenia – Georgian/Armenian alphabet in newspaper format
2005/06 Syria – the first alphabet, photo-poster, Umayyaden Mosque Damascus
2006/07 America – “Segoe” from Windows Vista, email
2007/08 Middle East, Caucasus – “Du bist keine Fremde hier in Kalimera”, book about 7 journeys
2008/09 Israel – “Schalom”
2009/10 Tokyo – keep on swinging...
2010/11 GASSNER REDOLFI KG – portrait with punctuation marks