Trade fair stand for Eberl Print– a huge capital E

Eberl Print im Allgäu is a regular partner of Gassner Redolfi that implements ideas in the area of high quality printing. With the 3D E effect and printed packaging material Eberl opened up a new area of business and sought our assistance with the visually equipping of the sample boxes and the design of the firm’s trade fair presence at CO-REACH 2014 – Fair for Crossmedia Marketing in Nuremberg.

The basic idea of the trade fair architecture is a huge capital “E”. The horizontal bars extend on the long axis. They define the space while at the same time functioning as an attractive display window that offers interesting views inside and outside. The broad vertical bar of the “E” extends into the depth of the stand throughout its entire height, offering wall area and the necessary storage space. The floor area of the island stand measures 12 x 7 metres. The entire scenography with its spatial intimacy and communicative appeal when seen from different distances achieves an unexpectedly high visitor frequency and is great success at the trade fair.

The new sample box “3D E-Elements” also contributed to this success. A continuous word and image landscape that extends across 12 effect cards weaves together, organises and provides samples of the different colour groups, different finishes and various types of paper. The information system is supported by a clear verbal and visual declination.