BauBuche – a new wood-based material is launched on the international market

An innovative high-performance material for timber building is produced layer by layer. Similarly, the verbal and visual communication used to launch it on the market is built up step by step. This laminated veneer lumber product made from beech introduces a new option in structural timber building – an area previously almost entirely dominated by softwoods. The design principle, used in a number of different applications, is based on enclosing and revealing the condensed material in order to develop the strikingly beautiful pattern of the veneer layers in graphic design terms. The result – alongside an exploration of all the possible variations in appearance – is a filigree key image that narrates in an illustrative way the path from peeling the trunk to the product’s linear structure. The robust packaging complements this approach: the weighty wood sample is kept in a kind of casket (for instance hidden in the woods or stacked to make a patchwork).